Awards and Belt Loops

Belt loops for Tiger, Wolfs, and Bears and pins for Webelos and Arrow of Lights are the main ways that the scouts can earn recognition for what they do. Belt loops and pins are awarded at each Pack Meeting by the Den Leader and the scouts are called up to the front to receive them. Scouts earn belt loops by completing the required activities for at home with their parents, who then inform the Den Leader / Assistant Den Leader of the belt loops (or pins) their scouts have earned that month. 

Bear Den onwards, the scouts can earn arrow points (the arrow point trail) - 10 for a gold arrow and each subsequent 10 earns a silver arrow. Once the scout graduate Wolf Den they can start on their 'arrow point electives'.

Patches and other awards are given out for achievement such as green sales and Pinewood Derby competitions.

Please get your cub scouts achievements to you Den Leader / Asst Den Leader at least one week before the Pack meeting to ensure getting the awards in time.

Belt Loops

Belt loops are divided in to Academic and Sporting categories - here is the BSA link to belt loops and pins and the requirements for earning them.

As a guideline, we recommend earning no more than three to four belt loops per month, that way the you can spread 'the bling' across the year.
Arrow Points

You can start on the arrow point trail in the Wolf Den, but you cannot actually receive them until you graduate Wolf Den. A common way to follow the arrow trail is to follow the Wolf Den arrow trail when in Bears and the Bear Den Arrow trail when in WEBELOS , that way the cub scout can receive his/her awards after he/she has earned them. The arrow point trails can be found in the Wolf Den and Bear Den handbooks