What Restaurant Management Software Can Do For You

Many restaurants fail in the first year of business and the main reason for this is poor management. You may have the best chef's, exceptional front of house service and dishes that are simply scrumptious, but without the ability to manage the restaurant like a business, it is less likely to succeed. Today, this is possible with a CrunchTime platform that enables you to understand exactly what is happening in your restaurants from the store-level up to the enterprise-level.

Restaurant management app is the best way to ensure that you stay on top of the business end of your restaurant. There are two important factors to ensure that the software you use helps you succeed. First, choose a comprehensive package that will cover most of your requirements and second, make sure that you use it!

Some of the key features that this type of software should provide include:

1. Cash Flow

Monitoring and keeping a record of the amount of money entering and exiting the business is absolutely essential. Restaurants operate mainly on a cash basis and therefore keeping an eye on cash flow is important. Cash is needed to pay employees, suppliers and for other expenses such as rent and utlilities.

2. Stock Control

A restaurant needs to constantly order and replenish their supplies, mostly on a daily basis. It is therefore one of the most time consuming and complicated tasks to keep track of how much stock is on hand, how much is needed as well as monitor waste and prevent over-ordering to save costs. Simply entering the amount of stock when it arrives and doing a quick stock before closing or first thing when opening and then recording this data will help manage stock and ensure that the restaurant always has a good supply of all the necessities in the kitchen as well as front of house.

3. Front Of House

Keeping track of reservations penciled into a book has become outdated. Restaurant planning software helps you keep track of reservations and can even link this information to the stock control function in order to ensure that you are fully supplied when the restaurant is expected to be busiest. It also helps monitor other front of house requirements such as table management.

4. Payroll

Happy employees are productive employees which is especially important in the service industry. Ensuring that your employees are paid on time and that they receive the right compensation for their labor of love in the kitchen or front of house will keep a smile on their faces.

5. Accounting

Just like any business, bookkeeping and accounting are essential functions to keep track of how the restaurant is doing as well as where the money is going and how much is coming in. A good restaurant food inventory software package will provide you with basic bookkeeping functions as well as more advanced accounting functions that are integrated and user friendly.

It is also recommended to choose best restaurant scheduling software that has an analytics function. This will help you determine how well the restaurant is doing, where changes might be beneficial as well as provide other important information to allow you to plan ahead.