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Bicycle driving in Florida
Can-Bike, Canada's only nationally recognized cyclist training program
. Taking the Road a book by Denys Beamish, the first-ever bicycle safety coordinator in Canada for the City of Toronto. While there he helped develop the Can-Bike program of cycling traffic education for the Canadian Cycling Association and is a National Examiner in that program.
Coalition to Reform the League of American Bicyclists This site describes how America's oldest national cycling organization (originally the League of American Wheelers) has abandoned its commitment to traditional cycling values, and the campaign to restore those values.

Cycling for Conservation - Fred Oswald, Ohio

IAmTraffic US org promoting competent cycling 

John Forester, author of Effective Cycling upon which the Can-Bike program is based
John Franklin, a British perspective
. "The complete guide to safe and enjoyable cycling for adults and children" upon which the UK's National Cycle Training Standard is based.
. "Enabling and encouraging people to cycle" - a paper presented to the Cambridge Cycling Campaign AGM
. Cyclists and motorists exist in an uneasy coalition on the roads; how can relations and safety improve? Listen to a BBC interview with Franklin.
John S. Allen's site is the source of an excellent collection of information and research on skilled and safe cycling.
Ottawa Bicyle Club - conducts free group riding clinics and other skills courses.