Another cyclist "right hooked" in Laurier bike lane

posted Jul 23, 2012, 6:24 AM by RCC Admin.
Co-founder, Bruce Lowe reports that he met a young cyclist yesterday (July 22, 2012) pushing a damaged bike. Apparently he had been riding in the segregated bike lane on Laurier Avenue when he was hit by a car making a right turn.  Police, ambulance, and a fire truck were called to the scene.  The cyclist had a few bruises and scrapes and there was damage to his bike. The driver was charged. 


Co-founder, Avery Burdett had a similar experience on only the second time he rode the bike lane this past spring. He had to brake hard to avoid a similar collision himself. We've heard anecdotal evidence there have been many crashes but no confirmation or publicity in the media.

We have been telling the City that the Laurier bike lane raises the risk of this type of accident. Laurier Avenue used to be a safe place to ride a bike - 25 accidents involving cyclists in five years. The numbers have likely risen but City staff and councillors are unlikely to admit any failure to the media.

If you have suffered a similar experience on Laurier Avenue let us know. Contact us at ... add prefix RCC.Ottawa