About RCC

The Responsible Cycling Coalition (RCC), based in Ottawa, Ontario, is a group whose purpose is to locally promote skilled and law abiding cycling. The Coalition acknowledges the rights and responsibilities of all road users and advocates skilled driving regardless of vehicle class. RCC opposes roadway designs that make cycling more inconvenient or more dangerous.



RCC supports,


. the promotion of skilled and lawful cycling among the general population

. cyclists as drivers of a vehicle with same rights and responsibilities as drivers of other vehicles

. skilled, safe and lawful driving by motorists and cyclists alike

. mutual respect for the rights of motorists and cyclists


Concerns that RCC has are,


. promotion of cycling among the untrained, unskilled, inexperienced cycling public

. risk posed to cyclists and other road users of separate cycling  facilities

. inconvenience to cyclists and other road users created by segregated facilities

. design violation of traffic flow principle that road users position themselves at intersections in lane closest to intended direction of travel

. City's encouragement among the public to cycle more by offering the false sense of security promised by segregated cycling facilities

. bias of City council and staff against advocates of competent cyclists (labeled "hardcore" and "fearless") 

. backlash against all cyclists resulting from congestion caused by removal of traffic and parking lanes for cyclists

. motorist backlash against growth of incompetent and "scofflaw" cycling 


RCC desires the following action be taken,


. major expansion of City's cycle skills program (Can-Bike)

. a high profile awareness campaign to educate the public on safety benefits of skills training - skilled cycling is the most effective accident reduction program of all

. education aimed at all road users to promote road sharing and safe driving 

. year round enforcement of traffic laws with priority on infractions that result in injury

. improvement in the maintenance of the surfaces of existing roadways

. (where practical) provision of sufficient width of curbside lanes to allow safe passing by motorists

. identification and resolution of cyclist "blackspots" where cyclist accidents and injuries are occurring

. suspension of plans to install a segregated bike facility Laurier Avenue  


RCC co-founders, and past service in cycling community
Avery Burdett, President - Ottawa Bicycle Club, Director - Citizens for Safe Cycling, Chairman - Regional Cycling Advisory Group, Chairman - Nepean Cycling Advisory Committee  
David Hall, Director - Ottawa Bicycle Club
Les Humphreys, Touring Director - Almonte Bicycle Club, Touring Director - Ontario Cycling Association
Bruce Lowe, Vice-President - Ottawa Bicycle Club, Member - Regional Cycling Advisory Committee, Member - Ottawa Cycling Advisory Committee
Rick Moll, Director - Ottawa Bicycle Club
Eric Wright, Director - Citizens for Safe Cycling, Volunteer - Ontario Cycling Association