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Community Events

"Ramiro Rodriguez: 'Caritas: The Immigrant, the Word, and Life'"
FREE Art Exhibition opening and live music performances.
For more details, please visit HERE
Friday, March 2nd, 6-9pm I Murphy Gallery, University YMCA

"Unauthorized Mexican Migration: Research Findings and Frontiers"

Presented by Professor Frank Bean, UC Irvine

Professor Bean is the Chancellor's Professor at the University of Californa-Irvine and is the director of the Center for Research on Immigration, Population, and Public Policy. His current research focuses on the implications of U.S. immigration policies, Mexican immigrant incorporation, the implications of immigration for changing
race/ethnicity in the United States, the determinants and health consequences of immigrant naturalization, and the development of new estimates of unauthorized immigration and emigration. November 4 at 10:30am, IGPA conference room.


Mexican Consulate

Coming to St. Mary's Church at 612 East Park. They need volunteers (Spanish competency not needed, but helpful). We appreciate if you advertise the event to community members who may use the services.
November 4-6

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