Treating tobacco dependence: guidance for primary care on life-saving interventions. Position statement of the IPCRG

Post date: Jun 9, 2017 11:25:29 AM

The paper describes trends in the use of waterpipes and cannabis smoking and offers guidance to primary-care clinicians on what to do faced with uncertain evidence. Throughout, it recognises that clinical decisions should be tailored to the individual’s circumstances and attitudes and be influenced by the availability and affordability of drugs and specialist services.

Finally it argues that the role of the International Primary Care Respiratory Group is to improve theconfidence as well as the competence of primary care and, therefore, makes recommendations about clinical education and evaluation.

The authors also advocate for an update to the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines to optimise each primary-care intervention. This International Primary Care Respiratory Group statement has been endorsed by the Member Organisations of World Organization of Family Doctors Europe

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