The modified patient enablement instrument: a Portuguese cross-cultural adaptation, validity and reliability study

Post date: Jan 12, 2017 11:42:07 PM

A patient questionnaire aimed at enhancing asthma management has been translated from English and verified as suitable for use in Portugal. Pedro Teixeira at the University of Minho, alongside scientists across Portugal, tested the validity of using the modified Patient Enablement Instrument (mPEI) both in translation and in a different culture from its original intended setting. The mPEI is a simple questionnaire from the UK that measures patients' ability to control their asthma, and encourages heightened awareness of asthma management. While mPEI has already been used in Portugal in translation, the researchers wanted to determine the tool's reliability and content validity for their country. They freshly translated mPEI and administered it to 142 patients with persistent asthma. Their new Portuguese translation exhibited good correspondence with the original test, strong internal consistency and cross-cultural validity.

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