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Campaigning for the Rights of Migrant Domestic Workers in Europe & Internationally


 Migrant domestic workers (MDWs) work in private households throughout the European Union (EU) performing multiple tasks and in roles which include childcare, elderly care, cleaning and cooking. Migrant workers are either in live-in work in private homes or in live-out work situations, making their living by working for several employers.  


They come from many different countries of origin, and different nationalities may cluster in certain EU states – in Spain (from Latin America); in Italy (from Philippines and Eastern Europe) in France and UK (from Africa). However their work and their status as migrants is not recognized or protected, and many are forced to become undocumented.

Over the past two decades, MDWs have been developing their self-organizations and campaigning for their rights. In Britain, Greece, Spain they have had their success stories…but winning the campaign is only the first step.





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