Confucius said: "Without feelings of respect, what is there to distinguish Men from beasts?" According to psychologists, respect is a basic moral value or need which makes us aware that we are human beings and it is related to happiness, productivity and success. Moreover, when people respect each other, there are less conflicts and less fighting. The awareness about respect must be instilled in every human being from his/her childhood. That is why we strongly believe that it should be cultivated to pupils at school in a more consistent way, as it is a very important value. After studying the meaning of respect, the project will be divided into three very important aspect: Self-Respect, Respecting Others, Respecting the Environment (Property). Different activities will be carried out  for all 3 aspects each year, in order to inculcate this value to our pupils. Through this cooperation, we also aim to promote the use of IT and English Language, as means of learning and communication, in order to increase IT and English Language skills both for pupils and teachers. 
 This cooperation is a great opportunity for teachers, pupils, pupils’ parents and community. Teachers can develop new skills, get some information about different educational systems, practice ICT and language skills in their personal capacity, broaden their knowledge about countries, cultures. As a result of this project pupils will be more respectful to themselves, others and their environment. they will be able to say their opinion, without criticizing and insulting others. Moreover they will become more acceptive to critic. Also, they will build self-esteem, which is necessary for other types of respect, happiness and success. Generally. they will become more tolerant and open-minded. Parents will benefit not only because of their children’s personal and academic development, but also they have some opportunities to support school in various activities. 
This needs to be done in a multinational level to increase  interaction between countries and to form European consciousness  among teachers and pupils. Also, pupils will gain awareness of the social changes in the countries involved via the exchange of common experiences and needs. Moreover, it will be very important for pupils to be able to carry out the activities in a local level and then see how this value can be applied in a wider context. This way they can realize the universality of Respect. Also, the activities planned ensure maximum cooperation between pupils of all countries, so the final results are a product of multinational cooperation. This will maximize pupil motivation and involvement to the activities. 
    The project will be carried out by 5 schools from 5 different countries:  Bulgaria, Spain, Latvia, Cyprus and Poland. 
    All school subject will be involved in this project. 
    More specifically, the objectives of the project are:
For pupils:
- Become aware of their personal strengths and weaknesses.
- Accept themselves so as to become happier living beings.
- Increase their English communication skills.
- Become aware of their European identity, through contact with other European pupils.
- Learn ways to act respectfully towards other people.
- Become able to show respect while evaluating others works.
- To develop pupils' self-confidence and self- esteem.
- Get  a chance to use language to promote good manners.
- Cultivate satisfying relationships
- Use ICT  and develop their digital competence
- Gain inter-cultural knowledge, tolerance and respect between  pupils
- Use their imagination and cultivate their creativity skills
- Become motivated and inspired citizens
- Learn ways to show respect to nature and property
- Learn how to act respectfully in vehicles (as passengers or drivers)
- Understand rules and laws' importance and follow them willingly
For teachers:
- Increase their English Communication skills
- Develop their educational skills and knowledge on teaching practices 
- Exchange practices on how to gain discipline
For school:
- Develop a new curriculum where respect will be consistently promoted as part of curricula
- Integrate different subjects (art, music, English language, maths, geography, IT and physical education.
For parents and society:
- Increased participation in school activities
- Respectful and active participation of pupils to common activities
The problems we will address in this project are:
- Pollution
- Racism, xenophobia and bullying
- Low self-esteem
- Disrespectful behavior.
    Once again. the transnational character of the project is vital, since pupils will be able to practice things they learn through the project activities in real life,ie. how people should act when they are in a foreign country, how we host people in a respectful way, introducing our tradition, while respecting at the same time their own background. Moreover, without the transnational dimension of the project,english communication skill and multiculturalism are lost.  
    The project is innovative, as it makes Respect, a very important moral value, part of the school curriculum. Up to now, respect is presented to pupils as a value occasionally, as it appears in some texts or whenever there are some conflicts between them. Most often, self-respect is neglected compared to the other aspects of respect, that is respecting others and the environment. However, according to psychologists, someone needs to be able to respect himself/herself, in order to be able to respect others. It is important to have in mind that for Democracy to work we need respect towards others but also respect towards ourselves, so that we feel the need to be active citizens. Also, for the first time there is bound upbringing of these values with interdisciplinary training and development of key competencies. Presentation of best practices in this area will be a novelty, useful for all teachers. New is the approach - that is not in special classes, and it is  FULLY integrated in the curriculum and through interdisciplinary Form of Education. Moreover, the fact that the same set of  activities will be used to be carried out in pre-primary, primary and secondary education is innovative. It is a way to show that the matter of respect is universal and independent of age and it is a value related to life-long learning.  Finally, all activities are very creative, thus pupils will have the chance to cultivate creativity throughout the implementation of the  project.