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Resources and Support for Google Sites!  That's what this website is all about.
The most difficult thing about learning a new system like Google "Sites" is just knowing where to look for the information you need!  We've been developing websites using the Google "Sites" tools for a number of months and have identified an extensive group of resources that will be useful to you as you begin your efforts with the  Google's Sites, Docs and Apps tools.  We've also located dozens of useful YouTube training videos that will help answer questions that you may face.
Although Google Sites is still a relatively new product, there are already thousands of business and commercial applications available from developers around the world.  If you are looking for an out of the box, standardized software application that is ready to deploy in your Google "Site", you will want to check the Google Marketplace for the latest software, Gadgets and other applications.  
However, if your application requires a customized product to meet your exact requirements, check out our growing reference database of Developers for an extensive list of companies that can provide you with assistance in your development effort. 
We've identified many websites that have been developed using the Google "Sites" tools and are available for your review on our "Example Google Sites" webpage.  These websites all feature different approaches to the development of a website using the available Google Sites tools and may be helpful to you as you begin your development efforts.
As you begin your website development efforts with Google "Sites" a great place to start off learning about "Sites" is to read the Wikipedia entry - Google "Sites" – Wikipedia.orgWe also recommend that you watch the 2009 CNBC Business Special - Inside The Mind Of Google - in order to understand the potential of all of Google's products.  The last 10 minutes of this 40 minute show are dedicated to Google's AdSense and AdWorks products, which are potentially important regarding your "Sites". 
If you know of great websites created using Google "Sites" please send us a link to them to us so that we can post them on our website for others to see.   
And lastly, if you are a " Google Sites" developer, we would welcome the opportunity to post information about your company and the services you offer so that companies who are lookng to use 3rd party developers will know where they can turn for assistance.
Thanks for visiting Resources for Sites!  Check back often for the latest updates and information on Google Sites.