Flipped Classrooms

Flipclass Snapshot.pptx

A Quality Flipped Classroom Has the Following Elements:

  • Discussions are led by the students where outside content is brought in and expanded. 
  • These discussions typically reach higher orders of critical thinking.
  • Collaborative work is fluid with students shifting between various simultaneous discussions depending on their needs and interests.
  • Content is given context as it relates to real-world scenarios.
  • Students challenge one another during class on content.
  • Student-led tutoring and collaborative learning forms spontaneously.  
  • Students take ownership of the material and use their knowledge to lead one another without prompting from the teacher.
  • Students ask exploratory questions and have the freedom to delve beyond core curriculum.
  • Students are actively engaged in problem solving and critical thinking that reaches beyond the traditional scope of the course.
  • Students are transforming from passive listeners to active learners.
Mary Sprecher,
Jun 7, 2012, 12:45 PM