For public health workers and students who want to support and participate in the Occupy Movement

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This site is meant to serve as a resource for public health professionals, workers, students, and allies who want to support and participate in the Occupy Movement.

There are many different ways to be involved and support the Occupy movements. These pages provide resources specifically related to health inequities and health-related Occupy engagement. More info about the Occupy Movement can be found at and many other websites.
As the Occupy movement continues to spread across the nation and around the world, local governments and police have begun using tear gas, rubber bullets, and other weapons in attempts to forcibly evict protester encampments.  Concerns over violations of health and safety codes are being used as the justification for these police raids and forcible evictions.
We as public health professionals and members of the public health community refuse to accept violent police coercion and control as a justifiable means of addressing health concerns.  The vision of the 99% movement is a U.S. and a world with a more equitable distribution of health, with access to healthy food, quality education, dignified work that pays fairly, and well-being for all.  These are the goals of public health as well and we stand in support of the Occupy Movement.

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Who Are We?

A group of (mostly) San Francisco Bay Area health professionals, providers, students, and advocates coming together to support health justice and the local and national Occupy movements.