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Week 1: Time Value of Money

Present Value Example (3:53)

Future Value of a Lump-Sum Amount (0:56)

Excel's Rate Function Example (3:35)

Future Value of an Uneven Stream of Payments (6:42)

Present Value, Uneven Cash Flow Stream (3:46)

Present Value of an Annuity (2:17)

Calculating the Value of an Annuity (Self-Quiz Answer) (image)

Determining Payment Amount - With Both PV and FV (3:24)

Calculating a Mortgage Payment Amount and Balloon Payment (5:51)

Present value of 13 Years of Private School (4:08)

Present value with changing rates each year (3:15)

Week 2: Capital Budgeting Tools: NPV, IRR, Discounted Cash Flow

Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Modified Internal Rate of Return (MIRR) (9:46)

Determining Relevant Costs - Net Present Value (5:18)

Determining Year 1 Operating Cash Flow (image only)

Operating Cash Flows (1:50)

Operating Cash Flows - Penn Tennis Balls (5:19)

Determining Cash Flows when there is a Net Loss (image)

Capital Budgeting Example - New Product Introduction and Other (16:16)

Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) (8:33)

Payback and Net Present Value (3:00)

Hints to Solve 7-21: Deciding between mutually-exclusive perpetuity investments (image only)

Crossover Rates, NPV and IRR (2:25)

Capital Budgeting: NPV, IRR and MIRR (4:45)

Capital Budgeting Methods (6:56)

Determining Operating Cash Flows - First Year (Self-Quiz Q.) (2:34)

Net Salvage Value 3:53)

Week 3: Debt and Dividend Policy

Residual Dividend Distribution Policy (3:59)

Alternative Dividend Policies (11:07)

Weeks 4 & 5: Financial Planning and Working Capital Management, Short-Term Financing

Additional Funds Needed (AFN) Formula (7:49)

Intrinsic Value Per Share (2:36)

Expected Return on Invested Capital and Market Value Added (2:29)

Value of Operations (3:34)

Horizon Value (3:12)

Value of Operations (4:57)

Corporate Valuation (8:26)

Cash Budget (4:31)

Basic Cash Budget (12:03)

Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) (1:42)

Estimating Average Inventory (2:40)

Days Sales Outstanding and Average Inventory Turnover (3:42)

Cash Management - Inventory Turnover (2:00)

Changing Payment Cycle (1:15)

Cash Conversion Cycle (3:48)

Cash Discount Plan (7:01)

Spontaneous Sources of Funds, Accruals (1:23)

Week 5: Mergers/Acquisitions

Merger Valuation with a Change in Capital Structure (16:00)

Horizon Value (3:12)

Week 6: Options, Risk Management, Derivatives

Futures (8:04)

Black-Scholes Model (5:42)

Currency Appreciation (3:00)

Interest Rate Hedging

Put Option Profit Example

Calculating Warrant Values (2:46)

Futures - Bonds - Implied Annual Yield (image only)