Financial Analysis

Ratios - Liquidity, Solvency, and Profitability (12:46)

Financial Statement Interrelationships (5:58)

Financial Ratios (15:50)

Profitability Ratios - Earnings Per Share (4:41)

Days Sales Oustanding (DSO) (1:42)

Horizontal and Vertical Analysis (3:51)

Times Interest Earned (3:48)

Receivables Turnover Ratio and Average Collection Period (image only)

Asset Turnover and Return on Assets (image only)

Free Cash Flow, Cash Debt Coverage (no narration)

Payout Ratio and Return on Common Stockholders' Equity (image only)

Free Cash Flow, Cash Debt Coverage (image only)

Earnings per Share and Price Earnings Ratio (image only)

Earnings per Share and Price Earnings Ratio (image only)

Working Capital (image only)

Valuation and Weighted-Average Cost of Capital (WACC)

Beta and Security Market Line (SML) (11:36)

Required Rate of Return - Security Market Line (3:25)

Beta (2:27)

Characteristic Line (CAPM) (8:37)

Computing the Equity Cost of Capital Using the CAPM Equation (Security Market Line) for UPS (image only)

Using Excel to Determine Beta Coefficents, Etc. (7:01)

Beta and SML Demo (11:39)

Stock Valuation - Constant Growth (2:29)

Stock Valuation - Constant Growth Model (image only)

Stock Valuation - Rock Monster - Constant Growth Model (2:29)

Stock Valuation - Supernormal Growth (8:02)

Stock Valuation - Supernormal Growth and Normal Growth (7:56)

Return on Common Stock (4:41)

New required rate of return (image only)

Expected Return - Discrete Distribution (4:48)

Beta, Risk Free Rate of Return (Question) (1:15)

Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) (6:18)

Calculating Expected Returns and Volatility: Explanation of probability terms (image only)

Calculating an Annualized Rate of Return (Microsoft 2004 Example) (7:36)

WACC Estimation (4:20)

After-Tax Cost of Debt (3:24)

Calculating After-Tax Cost of Debt (image only)

Cost of Equity (7:45)

Cost of Equity (image only)

Bond Valuation and Financial Leverage

Bond Valuation (5:06)

Bond Valuation - Yield to Maturity (YTM) (P6-2 11e) (4:44)

Bond Valuation - Yield to Date (YTD) - Explanation Why N Changes (0:45)

Bond Yield to Maturity (YTM) and Yield to Call (YTC) (7:48)

Bond Yield To Maturity (6:29)

Bond Yield to Maturity and Current Yield (3:37)

Bond Dividend Yield Using Excel's Goal Seek Function (4:39)

Bond Yield to Maturity with Sinking Fund (9:04)

Financial Leverage Example, Ignoring Taxes (8:11)

Financial Leverage Example (Quick) - Ignoring Taxes (3:34)