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Introductory Materials

Analysis of Financial Statements; Time Value of Money

Concepts that may be helpful with the Module One Case Assignment

Stock and Bond Valuation, Leverage, Risk-Return Tradeoffs

Stock Valuation - Constant Growth (P7-9 11e - similar to P8-9 12e) (2:29)
Stock Valuation - Constant Growth Model (image only)
Stock Valuation - Rock Monster - Constant Growth Model (2:29)
Stock returns: average, variance, and standard deviation (4:28)
Stock Valuation - Non-constant stock Growth Valuation (hints for solving P7-5 13e (image only)
Stock Valuation - Supernormal Growth (8:02)
Stock Valuation - Supernormal Growth and Normal Growth (7:56)
Beta (P7-1 12e) (2:27)
Finding Required Rate of Return Using CAPM (3:15)
How to find expected market return (Portfolio Beta and Capital Pricing Model) (7:32)
Characteristic Line (CAPM) (P7-8 12e) (8:37)
Using Excel to Determine Beta Coefficents, Etc. (P7-7 12e) (7:01)
Beta and SML Demo (P7-7 12e) (11:39)
Return on Common Stock (P8-14 12e) (4:41)
New required rate of return (image only)
Expected Return - Discrete Distribution (P6-4 12e) (4:48)
Beta, Risk Free Rate of Return (Question) (1:15)
Bond Valuation (P6-1 11e) (5:06)
Stock returns: average, variance, and standard deviation (4:28)
Bond Valuation - Yield to Maturity (YTM) (P6-2 11e) (4:44)
Bond Valuation - Yield to Date (YTD) - Explanation Why N Changes (0:45)
Bond Yield to Maturity (YTM) and Yield to Call (YTC) (P5-8 12e) (7:48)
Bond Yield To Maturity (P5-10 12e) (6:29)
Bond Dividend Yield Using Excel's Goal Seek Function (4:39)
Bond Yield to Maturity and Current Yield (P5-13 13e) (3:37)
Bond Yield to Maturity with Sinking Fund (9:04)
Financial Leverage Example, Ignoring Taxes (8:11)
Financial Leverage Example (Quick) - Ignoring Taxes (3:34)
Beta and Security Market Line (SML) (P5-1 11e) (11:36)
Required Rate of Return - Security Market Line (P6-6 12e) (3:25)

Module 3: Capital Budgeting, Evaluating Cash Flows; Cash Flow Estimation

Module 4: Capital Structure and Optimal Capital Structure

Module 5: Working Capital Management

Financial Management Overview; Financial Statements, Cash Flows and Taxes

Financial Planning, Forecasting Financial Statements; Corporate Valuation and Governance

Cost of Capital