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Ed's Introduction (2:53 min:sec)

Basic Managerial Accounting Concepts (not covered in ACC631M)

Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold Computation - Mfg vs Merchandiser (3:17)

Cost of Goods Sold - Cost of Goods Manufactured (12:00)

Basic Manufacturing Cost Flows (13:08)

Cost of Goods Manufactured, Income Statement (12:30)

Mfg Costs, Incomplete Data (7:22)

Cost classifications (9:19)

Cost classifications (10:51)

T-account analysis of cost flows (14:48) *

Prime Costs and Conversion Costs (image)

Budgeting (not covered in ACC631M)

Budgeting - Lecture (9:24)

Sales Budget (3:01)

Budgeted Production Schedule (3:42)

Calculating Total Required Production Units (3:37)

Merchandise Purchases Budget (4:38)

Merchandise Purchases Budget (Units) (8:36)

Budgeted Income Statement and Supporting Schedules (13:31)

Budgeting, Cash Collections (6:10)

Budgeted Cost of Goods Sold, Income Statement (3:32)

Cash Budget (Basic) (12:03)

Cash Budget: Expected Receipts and Disbursements (7:48)

Cash Budget, Income Statement, Balance Sheet (13:21)

Cash Receipts, Disbursements, I/S and B/S (6:13)

Relevant Costing (i.e., Incremental Analysis)

Analysis of Sales Mix Strategies - Part 1 (6:45)

Analysis of Sales Mix Strategies - Part 2 (5:55)

Differential Analysis with Opportunity Costs (7:39)

Relevant Cost Analysis (3:52)

Relevant Costing - Special Order (4:13)

Utiliz. - Constr'd Resource (5:53)

Make or Buy no sound (0.14)

Relevant Costs (image only)

Relevant Costing - Many Situations Part 1 (10:48)

Relevant Costing - Many Situations Part 2 (9:11)

Allocation of Joint Costs, Accounting for By Products and Scrap

Allocation of Support Department Costs, Common Costs, Revenues Lecture (7:11)

Cost Allocations - Building Occupancy Costs (17:16)

Single-Rate, Dual-Rate, Practical Capacity Allocation Part 1 (14:46)

Single-Rate, Dual-Rate, Practical Capacity Allocation Part 2 (10:16)

Cost Management Systems, Inventory and Production Management), Emerging Management Practices

JIT Purchasing, Relevant Benefits and Costs (17:27)

Cost of Quality (6:32)

Quality Costs: Compliance vs. Non-Compliance (2:47)