Managerial Accounting / [Ref.acc.239.k.1015]

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APA Reference Style (How to Avoid Plagiarism)

Week 1: Financial Statement Analysis

Week 2: Managerial Accounting Concepts

Other Concepts: Activity-Based Costing, Inventory Management and Cost of Quality

Week 3: Job Order Costing

Week 4: Process Costing Systems

Week 5: Cost Estimation and Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis

Week 6: Budgeting

Week 7: Responsibility Accounting, Budgetary Control, Management Control and Variances

Responsibility Accounting and Flexible Budgeting

Week 8: Standard Costs and Variances

Week 9: Relevant Costing (Incremental Analysis)

Week 10 Capital Budgeting

Time Value of Money Primer

Capital Budgeting