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Suggestions on Studying from John Durham PhD (1980)

APA Reference Style (How to Avoid Plagiarism)

Avoiding Plagiarism and APA Reference Style (9:54 min:sec)

APA Formatting and Style Guide

Introductory Accounting Concepts, Accounting Cycle and Financial Statements (Financial Accounting Concepts)

Forms of Business Stakeholders - Lecture (7:01 min:sec)

Hints to solve Accounting Equation Questions - no sound (1:31)

Accounting Equation Problem (2:19)

Working with the Accounting Equation (image only)

Susan Crosson YouTube Lecture - Where Did Accounting Come From? (4:39)

Principles of Accounting Resources

Accounting System Presentation - Covers Many Financial Accounting Concept (28:40)

Rules of Debits and Credits (illustration of normal account balances) (image only)

Accounting Cycle Tutorial #1

Accounting Cycle Tutorial #2

Accounting Cycle Tutorial #3

Accounting Cycle Tutorial #4

Journals and Ledgers (Posting Process) (6:20)

Using a worksheet to prepare financial statements - part 1 (13:37)

Using a worksheet to prepare financial statements - part 2 (5:42)

Closing Entries (8:37)

Accrual Accounting - Adjusting Entries (4:40)

Adjusting Entries and Financial Statements (11:50)

Adjusting Entries for Sales Tax (3:30)

Adjusting Entries (10:21)

Adjusting Entries for Liabilities (6:55)

Analyzing and Preparing Adjusting Entries (6:52)

Adjusting Entries (6:13)

Accrual Accounting - Unearned Revenue (image only)

Transactions and Financial Statements (Financial Accounting Concepts)

Transaction Analysis (9:51)

Journalizing Transactions (2:34)

Transactional Analysis (10:09)

Effect of Transactions on Accounting Equation (image only)

Calculating Account Balances (image only)

Financial Statements (13:01)

Accounting Equation, Transactions, Financial Statements - Part 1 (7:59)

Accounting Equation, Transactions, Financial Statements - Part 2 (6:20)

Computing Net Income, Balance Sheet, Debt Ratio (7:35)

Management Accounting Introductory Concepts

Inventory and cost of goods sold computation (3:14)

Basic Manufacturing Cost Flows (13:08)

Cost of Goods Manufactured, Income Statement (12:30)

Cost Accounting Journal Entries (6:36)

Cost of Goods Sold - Cost of Goods Manufactured (0.5)

Cost of goods sold, partial income statement and balance sheet (4:03)

Mfg Costs, Incomplete Data (7:22)

Cost Behavior and Cost-Volume-Profit (CVP) Analysis

Cost Functions and Cost Behavior Lecture (19:19)

C-V-P, Breakeven and Target Income (7:24)

CVP, Breakeven, Contribution Margin, Margin of Safety and Target Income (10:24)

Breakeven Analysis, Planning Future Sales (6:51)

Breakeven Analysis, Target Income - Part 1 (8:08)

Breakeven Analysis, Target Income - Part 2 (3:18)

Excel Scatter Graph, Linear Regression Functions (Cost Functions) (7:01)

Contribution Margin Income Statement

Identifying Cost Behavior Patterns (10:53)

Cost Behavior, High-Low Method, Contrib Mgn I/S (14:18)

Cost Function - High-Low Method (5:29)

High Low Method

Multiproduct Breakeven (4:36)

St. M. Hosp. - High-Low Method (E5-10e) (no sound)

Breakeven and CVP: Dinnerdance (4:25)

CVP Analysis (17:15)

Responsibility Centers and Transfer Pricing

Segment Contribution Format (image only)

Transfer Pricing (5:03)

Computing Return on Investment using Du Pont Approach (image only)

Return on Investment (ROI), Residual Income (RI) and Economic Value Added (EVA) (12:43)

Divisional Income Statements, with Service Department Charges (7:30)


Budgeted Production Schedule (3:42)

Budgeting - Lecture (9:24)

Cash Budget (Basic) (12:03)

Cash Budgets (4:33)

Merchandise Purchases Budget (4:38)

Cash Budget - Sample problem (image only)

Cash Budget (4:31)

Cash Budget (5:09)

Merchandise Purchases Budget (Units) (8:36)

Sales Budget (3:01)

Budgeting and Performance Evaluation - Lecture (6:38)

Budgeted Income Statement and Supporting Schedules (13:31)

Budgeting, Cash Collections (6:10)

Budgeted Cost of Goods Sold, Income Statement (3:32)

Cash Budget: Expected Receipts and Disbursements (7:48)

Cash Budget, Income Statement, Balance Sheet (13:21)

Cash Budget -Ritz Carlton (P7-38 Horngren 5e) image only

Standard Costing, Variance Analysis

Computing Standard Unit Cost (5:32)

Setting Standards (5:12)

Std Variance Analysis Part 1 (15:48)

Standard Variance Analysis Part 2 (5:45)

Variance Comp., Related J/Es - Part 1 (5:22)

Variance Comp., Related J/Es - Part 2 (8:06)

Overhead Variances (14:23)

Overhead Variances, 4-Variance Approach (7:39)

Comprehensive Variances Part 1 (10:15)

Comprehensive Variances Part 2 (6:58)

Comprehensive Overhead Variances (12:25)

Topper Toys Variances (image only)

Flexible Budgeting and Performance Analysis

Flexible Budgeting Preparation (11:18)

Predeter Overh Rates, Variances (4:23)

Flexible Budgeting - Fixed Budget Performance Report (16:04)

Flex Bgt Performance Rpt (6:29)

Flex Bgt'g, Ovh'd Perf Report (6:51)

Flex Budgeting, Overhead Performance Report (13:45)

Overhead Variances (14:23)

Material Variances (5:23)

Comprehensive Variances Part 1(10:15)

Comprehensive Variances Part 2 (6:58)

Flex Budgeting, Overhead Performance Report (13:45)

Flex Budgeting Performance Report (11:26)

Financial Statement Analysis (extra materials)

Horizontal Analysis (4:19)

Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) (1:42)

Efficiency and Profitability Analysis (6:36)

Common-Sized Financial Statements (8:53)

Liquidity Analysis and Interpretation (10:41)

Profitability Ratio - Computation and Interpretation (4:41)

Estimating Average Inventory (2:40)

Horizontal and Vertical Analysis (3:51)

Financial Ratios (15:50)

DuPont System of Analysis (6:01)

Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and Average Receivables (3:42)

Ratios - Liquidity, Solvency and Profitability (12:46)

Times-Interest-Earned Ratio (TIE) (3:48)

Vertical Analysis (P14-1 4e) Weygandt Kimmel Kieso (6:33)

Computing ROE and ROA (P1-35 Easton 2e) (4:50)