Large Projects

A large-scale project is where significant effort and time is expended in organization and implementation of the project.  Large-scale projects often require research, collaboration, and a steep learning curve. (More than 20 hours)
The goal is to demonstrate your learning. It is important that you do not lose sight of this, as some of the projects below can be quite different and interesting.  It would be tempting to just create something fun.

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Web Design:
  • Blog on an issue/topic
  • Wiki 
  • Web Site

With a team - a News Blog or Wiki or Web site on a topic. This would be an extensive handling of a topic or issue.

The video (linked on the right) is a good introduction to Web development resources (Blogs, Wikis, and Online Web resources).  The tools and resources link provides several possibilities and links.

News sites,  "how to" sites, call to action on an issue...

View this introductory video

Tools and Resources


Click here for lots of examples of  Web Design projects

News Blog 


Slide Shows / Videos:

  • A video, such as the videos generated by Mark R Isfeld Television team
  • A television show
  • An intense and thought-provoking Slide Show.

 Students undertaking a video project will soon find out why there is such a huge support staff for Television and Film projects.

  • Be sure to have all of the skills needed (understanding of composition and camera movement, lighting, editing...)
  • Be sure to have all of the equipment needed.

Tools and Resources

MITV - Large Video Project


Click here for examples of Slide Show/Video projects



  • Initiating and implementing an event that somehow represents the questions chosen.
  • Organizing a full-scale, formal debate between two teams

Events are always a challenge to coordinate, whether they be a fund-raising dance, an "awareness event", or any of a host of possibilities.  Collaborating with others, leading and pulling leadership from others, can be a real test of with-itness and fortitude. 

Events are not to be taken on lightly.

Tools for working Together



Click here for examples of Collaboration projects



  • a series of essays on an issue,
  • a journal or blog from another perspective,
  • a set of poems on a theme,
  • a short story or play  (multi-scene, multi-character...)
  • ...

Large-scale writing projects are not to be taken lightly.  They require commitment and stick-with-itness.

It is expected that the writer take this project on with the same spirit as a writer who is publishing works.  Students should be prepared to

  • share pre-writing and rough drafts,
  • find and utilize editors
  • find a utilize a means of publishing the work.

Tools and Resources

Nuts and Bolts - English Resources



Click here for examples of Writing projects


Design / Write:

  • a comic book
  • Develop a magazine with a team (can be an online Magazine Wiki)
  • Develop a newspaper with a team (can be an online news blog)
  • ...

Tools and Resources




Click here for some example Design/Write projects




Visual Design:

  • Create an animation (A fairly complex, multi-scene animation)
  • A series of drawings on a topic
  • A large-scale design that demonstrates learning.

The visual design should present your understanding of the topic

Online Tools




Click here for Visual Design project ideas


Arts & Crafts / Build:

  • a diorama,
  • a model,
  • a scrapbook...

Tools and Resources



Click here for Arts/Crafts/Build project examples



  • a drawing,
  • a painting...


Tools for Digital Art


Click here for Art project ideas



  • research,
  • a survey...

Tools and Resources


Click here for some Investigation project ideas


Graphic Organizer:

  • a chart,
  • a spreadsheet,
  • a diagram, a mind-map,
  • a concept map...

Tools and Resources


Click here for project ideas using Graphic Organizers



  • A complex radio drama like the one developed by NIDES student council
  • Write and record a song

Tools and Resources


NIDES Student Council Radio Drama

Click here for more project ideas



  • Complete a unit of study on a problem or question.
Click here to view a template (created by Tara Colborne) for completing a Problem-Based Learning Unit of Study that can be done on pretty much any topic.

Tools for working Together


Click here to view some Problem-Based projects



  • Writing, directing, and performing a play
  • Choreographing and performing a dance (with others)

Tools and Resources


Click here for some great Theatrical project examples



  • Write and perform a speech (digital audio or video or in person)
  • Conduct an interview,
  • an oral presentation...

Tools and Resources


Click here for example Voice projects