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Resource Management

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Utah State University Cooperative Extension:

 Power Pay Debt Elimination & Financial Calculators

Our financial resources are those assets and reserves that we have acquired. To manage these assets it is important that they be organized to function effectively. That means that we should learn to budget and live within our means, avoid going into debt, and put away something for a “rainy day”. This takes discipline and planning. When we manage our resources wisely, we will be able to prepare for future needs, be prepared for unforeseen events, and be able to have the security that we can provide for our wants and needs.


Family Finances

Family Finances on Provident Living.org includes:

  • Family Finances Pamphlet
  • Online Financial Course: Peace in Your Hearts
  • One for the Money: Guide to Family Finances
  • Online Financial Calculators
  • Family Finance Lesson Materials

Managing money in hard times.

Improving your health and wealth at the same time.

Money Management- Budgeting and Debt Reduction

Money Smart Wisconsin!

General Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance Is Changing in Wisconsin

Health Insurance

HIRSP offers health insurance to Wisconsin residents who either are unable to find adequate health insurance coverage in the private market due to their medical conditions or who have lost their employer-sponsored group health insurance.

Welcome to BadgerCare Plus — A ForwardHealth Program

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Living Essentials Programs on BYU.TV

Watch Living Essentials programs on BYU TV involving resource management, debt management, family finances, saving for tomorrow, smart spending, debt proof holidays, credit reports, financial fraud, budgeting, mortgages, estate planning, insurance, 401K plans, and identity theft. 

Understanding Financial Fraud

Anti-Fraud Resource Center

Answers about debt elimination and fraudulent schemes.