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Homemade Bread Tips from 

The Lion House Bakery:

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Frugal living isn’t about giving up the "good life" it’s about living smarter so that you can stretch your dollar. Then you will have some extra resources to put toward those special things you would like to do. It can include do-it-yourself skills, maintaining your home and car, gardening, preserving food, using coupons, and a multitude of other things. It is a matter of becoming aware of what you can do to save a dollar or reuse a resource. 

Learning to sew or grow your own vegetables, or any one of these suggested things can be a creative, rewarding, and fun experience. The feeling of self-reliance that comes with doing things can be a great reward in and of itself. So get started! You may find a new hobby as well as some extra satisfaction along the way.



Living Essentials Programs on BYU.TV

Watch programs on such topics as the basics of food storage, gardening, economical cooking, and canning at BYU TV.
Search the programs under Emergency Preparedness to find the one you want.

Food Storage

Food Storage Guidelines

Food Storage Calculator

Food Storage Packaging

Food Preservation  

National Center for Home Food Preservation  

How to Can Anything!                                                       

BONUS!  Tasty & Economical Home Food Storage Recipes


University of Wisconsin County Extension Agencies

...have a wealth of knowledge on just about every topic including gardening and master gardening, nutrition, family economics, youth programs, and much more.  Find the agency nearest you.

You can search for all kinds of information. It could include power point presentations or visual aids for teaching classes.  Many tools and knowledge can be found at extension agency sites.

Frugal Living 

Do It Yourself!  Get the creative frugal living juices flowing!

Ways you can implement frugal living.

The cheapest fruits and vegetables month–by-month.

Frugal Foods and Recipes


Simple Auto Repairs

Simple Household Repairs and Maintenance

Sewing Basics

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