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Workforce Development 
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Employment is a person’s trade or profession. It is the means to providing for the needs and wants of a person or family. The loss of employment can be devastating with great uncertainty overcoming the one who has lost a job. Oftentimes the future looks bleak and hope seems to fail for a time. The remedy is to plan for, attempt to obtain and work toward finding employment again. This could include retraining or improving one’s skills.

Being under-employed can be difficult as well since this situation doesn’t provide adequately for the needs of the family or individual. In this situation seeking to increase skills or education would be advantageous. It takes dedication, sacrifice, and hard work to accomplish such goals. However, the rewards are worth the effort in the long run.



Watch programs on Entrepreneurship on  BYU TV .

Patent Information

Entrepreneurship & Technology, BYU Marriott School of Business

Business Services- Links to state agencies, resources, programs and other information for doing business in Wisconsin.

Business Development in Wisconsin- Resources available to businesses in Wisconsin for initiating a new idea or expanding a business. These links will guide you to all the important resources to help grow your business.

Job Opportunities for Youth

Job and career resources for teens

Teen job sites

Finding a Job or Career Restart Resource

Watch Living Essentials programs involving salary negotiations, networking, entrepreneurship, effective job interviews, changing job markets, and finding the right job.

Career restart resources video available to dislocated/lay-off workers.

Wisconsin Job Center:  


     Plan a Career   

     Career videos


Career OneStop 

Wages and Occupations - Explore occupations with the most job openings, high growth jobs, seasonal jobs, and information on wages.

Training Topics - The more you learn the more you earn.

Wisconsin’s WORKnet - Wisconsin’s workforce and labor market information system.

Career One Stop:  Pathways to career success with links to job banks.

Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development