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Do you want to get a high school equivalency  diploma (HSED)or certificate of general educational development (GED)?

Find out the requirements:

Wisconsin's GED/HSED Program Requirements

Make Learning Fun- A website with lots of fun activities. 

It is important to work toward gaining adequate education so that we are prepared to supply ourselves with a means of subsistence. However, that is not the only kind of education we should aim to receive. Education involves not only one’s intellect but also should include moral, social, and emotional intelligence as well. Becoming educated can become a life long goal that is filled with wonder and joy in the world that surrounds us.


Although education often brings thoughts of attending school or classes of some sort, we are actually being educated everyday of our lives. It is not just in the classroom that lessons are learned. Actually the bulk of our education comes as life is experienced day by day. Experience is gained as we progress through life. It can bring wisdom and understanding if we choose to process it in a positive way. Skills improve with repetition and knowledge results as questions arise and answers are discovered. When challenges are greeted with determination to meet and solve the problems at hand, confidence grows and solutions will come. Indeed education should be a life long pursuit. One that brings happiness, wisdom and fulfillment.


Living Essentials Programs on BYU.TV

On BYU TV  Living Essentials you can watch programs that cover a wide range of topics about education. You will find such topics as how we learn, educational opportunities for single mothers, the importance of education.

Basic Computer Skills

Basic Online Skills-This is a short, easy-to-master, web based course on basic computer skills. There is no cost for this course. 

Adult Continuing Education 

Continuing Studies University of Wisconsin-Madison-Connecting community and campus for lifelong learning.

WCTC Small Business Center 

Educational Resources for Youth--Be Smart!

LDS church colleges, universities, institutes of religion and other educational resources-A central site to help youth in furthering their academic and religious education.

Wisconsin Educational Resources-A list of links to agencies, schools and other educational resources.

Wisconsin College Savings Program


Tomorrow's Scholar

Vocational and Technical Education

Find a Technical College in Wisconsin

Find Community and Technical Colleges by State