Using Google Sites for Creating An ePortfolio

Advantages of Using Google Sites
  • user-friendly system
  • the ePortfolio is owned by the creator; individuals control and present their own content
  • any type of ePortfolio can be created
  • new tools and applications are developed and integrated by Google all the time
  • it allows interactivity and team web sites
  • you can transfer from an educational domain to a personal account
Google Sites Tour (2:26)

Two Resources to Create an ePortfolio
A "quick glance" version of how to create an ePortfolio is available at Build A Google Site. 
Dr. Helen Barrett has partnered with Google and created a detailed step by step process that shows how to use Google Sites and other Google tools to develop an ePortfolio.  This site is loaded with resources, examples, and links to ePortfolio information.  A list of the topics follows:
1 Creating an Interactive Portfolio with Google Sites
    1.1 Getting started
2 Keeping a Learning Journal
3 Authoring an electronic portfolio
    3.1 Create a first page - Introduction & Table of Contents
    3.2 Set up a structure using goals (or themes) as organizing framework
    3.3 Create one page for each section
    3.4 Upload artifacts/create hyperlinks   
    3.5 Write reflections for each goal/skill and each artifact
    3.6 Write future learning goals
    3.7 Publish Portfolio - Seek Feedback
    4 Evaluating Portfolios
    Radford University Google Sites #1 How to Create a New Site (4:16)




    Additional information is available at the Google/Dr. Helen Barrett home page for creating ePortfolios using Google Apps, Google Docs, and Google Sites.  There is also a Google Sites overview page and a help page.


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