Build a Google Site Step-by-Step Instructions

Follow the instructions below to create your own site. To download the PDF of these instructions, scroll down to the Attachments section below and click to view or download.


Build a Google Site

1.       Log into your account.

·         Go to

·         Sign into your Google Account.
and password.

·         Click the Sign in button.


2.       Go to Google Sites

·         In the More drop down menu, click Sites.



3.       Create a new site.

·         Click the Create new site button.


4.       Choose a template to use.
You can use one of the template thumbnails displayed to select a template or click the Browse the gallery for more link to view additional templates to choose from.

·         Click the Browse the gallery for more links.



5.       In the Select a Site Template screen you can search through the listed categories, or use the Search option to locate a template to use.

·         In the Search field, enter ePortfolio and then click the Search button.

·         A list of site templates appears.


Note: A variety of site templates are available, use the Search field to locate appropriate templates for the type of site you wish to create. For example, to create a web journal, photo site, etc.




6.       In the list, identify the template you want to view.

·         Click the Preview template link to view the pages in this template website.




·         This lets you see if the template contains the pages you want to include in your site.  You can edit the site and the pages after you select a template, but it is a good idea to select a template that provides a majority of the elements you want for your site.

·         Click the Use this template button to select this template.






7.       Google takes you back to the Create New Site page. Next you will name your website.


·         In the Name your site field, enter a name for your website. (For example, YourName_eportfolio.)

·         As you type, Google updates the site URL (web address) in the field below.
Your site web address can only contain letters and numbers, no special characters.




8.       Choose a theme for your site.

The template you chose already has a theme (colors/design) applied to it, but you can select a different theme if you like.

·         Click the (+) in front of Choose a theme to display themes you can apply to your site.

·         Click the thumbnail image of the theme you want to apply.


9.       More Options lets you provide a description for your site, specify who can view the site, and set whether the site contains mature adult content.

·         Click the (+) in front of More options to display the additional options.

·         Under Share with, select Only people I specify can view this site if you want to limit who can view your site.


10.   Type the verification code.

·         In the Please type the code shown field, enter the text displayed on the screen, and then click the Create site button.


11.   Review your site. 

·         Click Edit Page to update content in your site.


Patricia Murray,
Feb 1, 2011, 9:12 AM