Thinking Tools

These symbols show the possible scope of the project ideas

= Smaller project 
(A few hours)
= Medium project
(About 5-20 hours)
 = Large project
(More than 20 hours)
 = Intermediate Students (Grades 4-7)         = Secondary or Advanced Students (Grades 8-12)  = A Tool or Resource

Mind Mapping/Concept Mapping - Downloadable to your computer (free)

CMap Concept maps Cmap allows you to create dynamic concept maps for planning, organizing, brainstorming, making connections, presenting, and more. Click here to view a brief Video by Avi Luxenburg.  (Contributed by Avi Luxenburg)


Freemind Concept-mapping, brainstorming A fully functioning Brainstorming/Concept-mapping tool that is free to download and use.  As functional as Cmap, but works better when you are brainstorming ideas quickly.  (Contributed by Avi Luxenburg)



Playing with Ideas - Online (Free)

Exploratree Tools for thinking & mapping thoughts... An impressive number of thinking and mind-mapping tools that include a description for what each is used for.  These are highly editable and robust tools (and you can create your own).  You can share objects and make them interactive as activities.  A great tool.  (Contributed by Avi Luxenburg)


Wallwisher Digital Wall for playing with ideas Allows you to, with minimal registration, create a “wall” where you can place virtual sticky-notes. You can allow others to also place notes on the board, or keep it so that only you can do so (recommended). The sticky-notes can include images, videos, or websites, and you can add text to them (160 character limit for text in each sticky note).  (Contributed by Avi Luxenburg)


Mind Mapping/Concept Mapping - Online (Free) 

Mind42 Mindmapping, brainstorming, working together. A “mindmapping” tool that has tremendous collaborative features. This is a spectacular tool where you can brainstorm ideas together, move ideas around and generate an image of the mindmap you've created together.  Requires registration...but worth it. There is also a side bar for google chat so you can "talk" about your work... or... if you really want to collaborate and have a microphone, then use Google Talk(Contributed by Avi Luxenburg)



Mindomo Mindmapping, working together. (free online resource - requires registration) A “full-featured” online mind-mapping tool. Very robust (meaning that you can do quite a bit with it) and easy to use. You can embed links to websites, use built-in collections of icons and images, import images and more.  Mindomo is designed for easy sharing and online collaboration. Although Mindomo mind maps are stored on their server, they can be exported in a variety of formats. Mindomo will also import mind maps from Freemind.  (Contributed by Avi Luxenburg) Mindmapping, Brainstorming A very easy to use mind-mapping tool that allows you to very quickly create and edit a concept map, and download it as an image or Web page.  NO REGISTRATION NEEDED.  (Contributed by Avi Luxenburg)


CREATE AN INFORMATIONAL MAP: Show/World & Show/USA (which are on The Best Map-Making Sites On The Web list ) lets you create visual representations of information using maps. Students can then embed their creations on their blog/website and describe what they’ve done.  (Contributed by Avi Luxenburg)