Internet Research Finding what you wnat faster on the Internet. A set of Five Videos by Avi Luxenburg, that help you to understand how search engines work and how to find what you want faster on the Internet.
Video 1     Video 2     Video 3     Video 4     Video 5   (Contributed by Avi Luxenburg)


Internet Research Flash How to organize research and how to know whether to trust a Web site. This quick, interactive Flash file shows you how you can organize your research question, how to find what you want faster on the internet with Boolean Logic, and how to know whether a Web site is trustworthy.  (Contributed by Avi Luxenburg)


Survey Monkey Survey people you know as research Survey Monkey allows you to allows you to generate a 10-question survey for up to 100 people. Send the link to your survey and gather information on a topic.  It is free and it is skookum!  (Contributed by Avi Luxenburg)


Verifiable Make connections between facts by charting them Spectacular tool for making connections between data by having the site chart it for you!!  From Larry Ferlazzo' Blog: "This is a site where you can use data already contained on the website (or upload your own), choose the visual form in which you want the data explained, and then create a visual representation (which then has its own url which can be posted)."  (Contributed by Avi Luxenburg)


Smile Create quizzes for others to complete as research Gather information by having others take quizzes as research (Example: If you wanted to know how much the average teenager knows about staying safe online, you might generate a quiz that tests their knowledge).  Create multiple choice, drag and drop and an assortment of other quizzes (requires registration).  (Contributed by Avi Luxenburg)