Sound of Belonging

Come Join our Choir!

winter session 2018: Fridays January 11 - March 15

12:30 - 1:15 BAND; 1:15 - 2:00 pm CHOIR

Tsolum Building (in Lewis Park near the Lewis Centre)

There's something about being in a choir...

  • You're part of something bigger than yourself, bigger than any one person
  • Your part counts, it's important... and so is everyone else's
  • What you bring is accepted and supported by all the other members; and you do the same for them
  • You can stand out, and fit in, both at the same time
  • Oh yeah, and you get to sing, too!

And that's why - The Sound of Belonging! We're building a choir where truly everyone is welcome: people of all ages, abilities, and all other kinds of diversity. We're a group based on inclusion, and when we perform, we show the wider world how much fun that can be!

How is that different from other choirs?

Like several other choirs in the Comox Valley, we are non-auditioned and we welcome all kinds of people. There are lots of welcoming groups to sing with in our community!

What makes us special is our special focus on diversity, acceptance and belonging. The songs we sing are all on that theme. We make a special effort to get to know and appreciate each other. Everyone is treated equally. The pace is slow and we make a big effort to get everyone participating.

We'll be singing simple arrangements, in one and two parts. We'll practice for a long time before we perform publicly. Those of us who want to, will perform for seniors' centres, at schools, at Adaptive Programming Dances, and other community events.

This year, we are trying something new, adding the Sound of Belonging Band, where a small group will learn an arrangement of songs to back up the choir. Please sign up if you can already play an instrument and want to try playing with a group.

Who can join this choir?

Literally, anyone can join The Sound of Belonging. Well... anyone who believes in the value of inclusion and the inherent value and dignity of every person.

  • You can be a child or an adult.
  • You can sing beautifully or not at all.
  • Maybe you just want to clap along? We can find a way for you to take part.
  • You don't have to read music and you don't have to have experience singing in a choir. But we would love to have you if you do!

There's no charge. But you do need to register for the term, with Courtenay Recreation: 2503385371

The Sound of Belonging is sponsored by Courtenay Adapted Programs through a grant from the Comox Valley Community Foundation.

Our Director is Kazimea Sokil, local music teacher and creative arts therapist.

Check out our current songlist!

sound of belonging youtube playlist