The Response
If you receive a complaint for a domain name you hold, you are advised to file a response. If you do not, the case will be heard by the panel with input only from the complainant, and while this does not necessarily mean that the panel will side with him, clearly your case should be put to give the panel as much information as possible, from both points of view.

The response must be filed in accordance with paragraph 5 of the Rules. The following form is intended for the assistance of the parties.



The Response shall a) be submitted in English or French; b) be submitted in hard copy and, except to the extent not available for Schedules, in electronic form.

In accordance with paragraph 5 of the Rules, the registrant must:

be in accordance with the Policy, but without exceeding five thousand (5000) words plus any Schedules, specifically to the evidence and the arguments in the Complaint and include reference to any and all bases for the Registrant to maintain the Registration of each domain name in issue, including in particular why the Registrant should be considered as having a legitimate interest in the domain name as described in paragraph 3.6 of the Policy;

provide a summary of, and references to, the relevant Canadian law, and, if desired, indicate a preference for the application of the laws of a particular Canadian province or territory;

provide a summary of, and references to, prior decisions in CIRA Proceedings or the dispute resolution proceedings which apply to domain names registered under any other top level domain, which the Respondent considers persuasive;

at the option of the Registrant, state, but without exceeding one thousand (1000) words plus any Schedules, a claim pursuant to paragraph 4.6 of the Policy for costs of up to five thousand dollars ($5,000) incurred by the Registrant in preparing for, and filing material in, the Proceeding and provide particulars of the basis for the claim and receipts or other evidence of the costs;

have any Schedules, together with an index thereto, annexed; and

conclude with the certification of the Registrant in the form set out in Appendix B, followed by the signature of the Registrant or its authorized representative.


Registrant may nominate up to five (5) candidates taken from the list of Resolution Canada’s Panelists.


The Registrant shall submit to the Provided an electronic version of the Response in"pdf" format or five (5) hard copies of the Response.
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