Earth resistivity meter system


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This resistivity meter has been designed specially for  archeology and treasure hunting. 
Resistivity meter is useful to locating non metal large objects in soil , as tunnels , structures  ........
- controlled from notebook
- Maximum Output Voltage 450 Volts, 900 V peak to peak
- Output current : 1mA, 10mA, 50mA, 100mA, 250mA

- Maximum Output Power 100 Watts
, 200 Watts  or 300 Watts
- 24 Bit Analogue to Digital Conversion
-Waveform Square  0.1Hz - 25Hz

-  remote controlled stainless steel electrodes, support from 20 to 250 electrodes  , microprocessor controlled, by cable from notebook
Maximum  electrode spacing from 2m to 70m
-- Automatic electrode contact test
- Possibility to measure IP
- 12 V DC power supply.
USB PC interface

    Maximal detection depth to object sizes AxAxA meters is Am. As example if object is 4x4 meters the maximal depth will be 4 meter.

   Maximal detection depth to long tunnel high A meters is 2xA meters. As example if the tunnel is high 2 meters the maximal depth will be 4 meter.

You can read: "The resistivity method is not particularly sensitive to 3-D anomalies for the same reason that it is ineffective over buried 2-D structures of finite width."
and more in:
 chapter 8.6.7 Mapping Three-Dimensional Anomalies
 page 561
Applied Geophysics By William Murray Telford, W. M. Telford, Robert E. Sheriff