This website offers you handy document templates and downloadable checklists in support of the manual. You will find explicit references to these templates in the manual. You may freely edit the templates to fit your event!
Available templates:
- guest list and communication list (p.16)
- budget (p.28)
- save the date message to externals (p.32)
- save the date message to internals (p.32)
- badges for participants (p.36)
- signature list of participants (p.46)
- evaluation questionnaire for participants (p.54)

- Checklist preparation
- Checklist timeline

Extra material:
- 'Introducing students to work and jobs' (p.18) - a guide to organise events directly aimed at students

Further readings:
- 'Early School Leaving in Europe' - Questions and Answers

Personal support:
Frank Hiddink
T: 0031 58 845 8045


lead partner:

project partners:






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