Dreamcast Video Converter

Step 1:

Launch Daemon Tools (or similar) to mount the game disc 'image'.
Download Deamon Tools Lite.

Step 2:

Left-click the Daemon Tools icon in the system tray, and then click on a virtual drive to mount a disc image into.

Step 3:

Choose your disc image. ( Dreamcast ISO's - RomHustler.net )

Step 4:

Go to 'My Computer' [Win+E] and you should see the game disc mounted ready to explore.

Step 5:

Use windows search to locate the .SFD files on the disc(s).

Step 6:

Copy the .SFD files to a folder on your hard-drive.

Step 7:

Extract the .SFD To .MPG converter into the same folder as the files you want to convert.

Step 8:

Run the .CMD file to batch convert all of the .SFD files to .MPG.

Step 9:

Play the newly converted file.
Take note that not all videos are stored on the Dreamcast disc at the correct aspect ratio.
The maxium resolution the video would ever be is 640x480 (Dreamcast maximum output).


K-Lite Codec Pack [Media Player Classic].
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