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This is my first painting on a canvas, produced for my foundation art class during my first year at the University of Toronto. I was constantly using primary colours back then, but only gouche and arcylic at this stage - blame my student budget. Looking at this image, I remember how I felt at the  time. I was completely surrounded by young men, sexual advances and tension. The female is rigid to represent my conscious effort to ignore the transient interest of men floating like sperm around me. The slightly off-balanced triangular shape of the subject, the abstract colour choice for hair and skin tones reiterate my sense of not fitting in there, and the general dehumanized quality the institution brought out in me.


This image of a mermaid feeding a seahorse is my first digital painting, using only the old iMac round one-click mouse and Adobe Photoshop. I printed it out on photo-quality paper from my Epson printer and framed it for a friend's birthday present. The aquatic blurriness of the image reminds me of my overall feelings towards that period of my life. It is all out of focus, my memories of the people I called friends then are degrading. Many have moved out of my inner circle.

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I have a fine arts background. I painted a little in highschool but didn't find my style until I was at the University of Toronto. Later, I studied printmaking with the extraordinary Anupam Sud and painting with her colleagues at the College of Art, New Delhi.