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- Добрый день. Нужна помощь по англ. языку. Тексты переводить не надо. Ваши условия и какая цена работы?

Нужна техническая поддержка - помощь сисадмина, программиста: Требуется программист.
Предлагаю бесплатные занятия английским языком. Нужно раскрутить сайт. Спрос на продвижение сайта в яндексе. Бартер - обмен услугами.

Задание Выпишите из текста предложения с прилагательными в сравнительной и превосходной степени и переведите их на русский язык
The structure of higher education in Great Britain is very complex. Three types of institutions - universities, teachers training colleges and art colleges - are the main sources of full-time higher education.

A University consists of a number of faculties: medicine, theology, arts, philosophy, law, music, natural sciences, economics, engineering, agriculture, commerce and others. The normal duration of a first degree course is three years, at the end a bachelor degree is awarded on the results of examinations. B. A. and B.Sc. stand for Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science.

Самостоятельно учите распространённые фразы с программой быстрого запоминания

A master degree is usually awarded after a further year or two years of study. M. A. or M.Sc. denote Master of Arts or Master of Science. The highest degree is the Doctor of Philosophy (D.Ph) awarded for research and the submission of a thesis. A person studying for a degree at a British University is called an undergraduate, one who has taken a degree is called a graduate.

The two oldest Universities in England are Oxford and Cambridge, or Oxbridge as they are often called. The teaching is based on the tutorial system as well as lectures.

Oxford and Cambridge play a special role in England as educational institutions of the ruling class. Selection of students is mainly in the hands of independent colleges which have special ties with the public schools. But the cost of education is so high that not many can afford entering the Universities.

With the advance of industrialization in the 19th century and the growth of manufacture, technicians and scientists were needed. The older Universities did not produce them. That's why a lot of "Modern Universities"   appeared   in   industrial    centres.   They    were based more on the mass lecture system than were Oxford and Cambridge/These modern universities were built either in light stone or in red brick. Thus the term "Redbrick Universities" arose.

Every University is autonomous and responsible only to its governing body. The "redbrick universities" differ greatly from Oxford and Cambridge

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Задание . Составьте десять вопросов тексту Managers на английском языке в действительном и страдательном залоге


There is a classic definition that "Leaders do the thing and managers do things right". A more standard definition is usually something like "managers work toward the organization's goals using its resources in an effective and efficient manner". In a traditional sense, large organizations may have different levels of managers, including top managers, middle managers and first-line managers.

Top (or executive) managers are responsible for overseeing the whole organization and typically engage in more strategic and conceptual matters, with less attention to day-to-day detail. Top managers have middle managers working for them and who are in charge of a major function or department. Middle managers may have first-line managers working for them and who are responsible to manage the day-to-

day activities of a group of workers.
Note that there are different types of managers across the same levels in the organization. A project manager is in charge of developing a certain project, e.g., development of a new building. A functional manager is in charge of a major function, such as a department in the organization, e.g., marketing, sales, engineering, finance, etc. A product manager is in charge of a product or service. Similarly, a product line manager is in charge of a group of closely related products. General managers are in charge of numerous functions within an organization or department.

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