Golf 4

Original warning said 'service INSP' (an inspection service is due).
1. Press the 'trip reset button' and hold it.
2. Turn on the 'ignition'
3. The LCD display shows 'service OIL' ( this will presumably be the
next service)
4. Release the 'trip reset' button. (At this point pressing the 'trip
reset' button for one second approx. toggles the display between
'service OIL' and 'service INSP').
5. Turn the clock setting knob to the RIGHT and hold it until the LCD
show 3 dashes.
6. Turn the clock setting knob 3 times to the LEFT ( so that 3 switch
clicks can be heard).
7. Turn off the 'ignition'.
8. Turn on the 'ignition' and the warning will be gone!