Welcome Applicants

Dear Prospective Staff Member:

Thank you very much for exploration of employment in the Office for Residential Education at the University of Southern California.  We offer incredible opportunities to gain valuable experience in the residence life field while assuming a role as a graduate staff member or professional colleague.

It is truly a wonderful time to be a Trojan!  USC always has a colossal vision for what it can become, but the interesting thing is how often it achieves that vision and then sets new vistas for success.  We are in that phase now, creating a new strategic plan and seeking new challenges as an institution.  At that same time, many things remain unchanged, we are a global community with the largest number and percentage of international students of any university in the U.S.  That is coupled with one of the nation’s most diverse domestic student populations, centered in one of the most multicultural cities in the world.  Our students are scholarly, service-oriented and ambitious, and it is exciting to be a part of this residential community.

We are also excited to fulfill the vision of our new Provost to house all 2,900 USC freshmen in residential colleges.  This initiative has required us to double our residential college program and we now have 20 live-in faculty members living within our residential colleges.  Our residential education program is considered very central to the success of the overall mission for undergraduate education at USC.  Both our new Provost and President are passionate about USC and are extremely student-focused.

Our wonderful graduate and professional school programs can make USC a popular place to explore a degree.  Pairing this challenging and worthwhile academic work with an employment opportunity that helps cover attendance costs, if smart thinking!  As an academic institution, it’s important to support as many opportunities as possible for inspired people to explore degree work that allows them to grow in their skill sets as supervisors, project planners, and disciplinarians.  This provides a truly seamless learning process en route to fulfillment of your dream of completion of a USC degree.  As a result, it is absolutely necessary to have USC student status to assume one of these roles.  Apply to us while also applying to your academic program.

For some of you, your employment exploration might be in seeking full-time experience as a residential life and student affairs professional.  On those years when we experience turn-over at this level, we will accept applications directly to our office and also at The Placement Exchange that precedes the NASPA conference, where we plan to be in attendance.  Indicate your interest by submitting a letter of application and a resume to resedjob@usc.edu.  Because our positions at this level receive a housing benefit, it is a wonderful way to experience life in Los Angeles without the cost of living concerns that impede some from moving here.  A tuition award also supports doctoral work (for some programs) while being employed full time.  Our positions are identified as mid-level residential life positions.  Because of the attractiveness of USC graduate programs and our financial support to these staff members, most of your direct reports will have already worked professionally in Student Affairs or other fields.  Your role in the overall management of Residential Education will also be comparable to mid-level roles within residence life.

Again, I appreciate your interest in USC and we welcome your application!