The Legacy of Sci-Art

There is now evidence of a newly emerging science/art landscape which, global in its reach and diversity, offers a rich seam of creativity ripe for exploration and development.  In this landscape Sci-Art dominates; it has succeeded in tapping the urge, felt by scientists as well as artists, to find new methods of discovery.  After 10 years of Sci-Art activity, these methods can be seen as holding up a mirror to the future.

Exploring the Science/Art Landscape (Sci-Art as a driver of the Creative Economy) was the title of a presentation given by Terry Trickett at Creative Clusters, Fifth International Conference on the Creative Economy, London, November 2007.  It traces the ground-breaking trajectory of Sci-Art, an initiative sponsored by the Wellcome Trust, which, to date, has enabled well over 2000 artists and scientists working in partnership to combine their insights and ways of thinking to solve problems and come up with innovative ideas.
There are four parts to this presentation:

  What is Sci-Art? 

  Once upon a time  

  Can Sci-Art Lead to wealth generation? 

  Sci-Art as a driver of the Creative economy