is a centre of science/art intelligence.  It scans, monitors and evaluates existing collaborations between artists and scientists world-wide as well
as fostering new collaborations that have potential for commercial application.  It nurses projects from the generation of initial ideas to financing and implementation, acting as mentor and advisor.

Taking the 'Next Step'

The Sci-Art competition, as described in the Legacy of Sci-Art, has spun off a number of projects which now pinpoint the way ahead. Such ‘exemplars’ provide convincing evidence that Sci-Art partnerships have the capacity to create wealth generating products, processes and services.  It is through Sci-Art, and similar initiatives taking place world-wide, that the beginning of the 21st century has finally seen a rapprochement between the two great ways of exploration, discovery and knowing: science and art.

Of the 124 Sci-Art projects that received development funds over a period of 10 years, just a few pinpoint the way ahead because they have begun to engage with a whole Cycle of Sci-Art Creativity from ideas generation to prototyping and testing or, in some case, to development, implementation and marketing.  The setting up of Sci-Art Lab will enable this Cycle of Sci-Art Creativity to gain increased momentum..

Overall, Sci-Art lab’s aim is to provide a unique environment for the research and development of Sci-Art projects and, by bringing a number of these in close contact with one another, unexpected spin-offs and a ‘multiplier effect’ will be encouraged.  In building on the success of the Sci-Art competition, Sci-Art Lab encapsulates the desire to bring artists and scientists of all kinds to work in a structured environment  on projects of mutual discovery.

In ‘Taking the Next Step’ the aim is to ensure that Sci-Art Lab becomes established at the hub of the Cycle of Sci-Art Creativity.  By placing Sci-Art Lab in such a position, where constant interaction is a measure of its success, the performance criteria to be adopted will be crucial.  These are described under two headings:

  Sci-Art Lab's Strategy for Action 

  Gaining experience