elcome to my website. I am an Assistant Professor (Browaldh Research Fellow) at the University of Gothenburg. My research interests are (empirical) labor economics and applied micro economics.

I have been using both field experiments and administrative data sources in my studies. In particular, I am working on:

- equilibrium effects of job search assistance
- comparing methods to evaluate active labor market programs 
- the role of information in matching in the labor market
- the effect of childcare subsidies on labor market participation
- incentivizing healthy behaviours (such as regular physical exercise)

On this website you can find my CV and information about my research.

For my Phd defense I was asked to provide a 10-minute explanation of my research for non-economists. The slides with audio can be found here (only in Dutch).


-I am presenting at a conference of the Swedish Public Employment Service on experiments in labor economics (October 26-27, Stockholm)

- June 2017: Our 'equilibrium effects of job search'
paper has been accepted by the Journal of Labor Economics

- I am presenting in the Bristol Workshop on Economic Policy Interventions and Behaviour (June 15-16)

- 29 March: Presenting on 'wage announcements and job search' in GEW series

- February 2017: New IZA discussion paper available on comparing econometric evaluation methods