Who is the RNF?

Executive and Planning Committee—2017 Research Network Forum at CCCC

Co-Chair:  Risa P. Gorelick,  Research Network Forum

Co-Chair: Carrie Wastal, University of California-San Diego

Anthony Atkins, University of North Carolina-Wilmington 

Laurie Britt-Smith, College of the Holy Cross

Jennifer Hewerdine, Southern Illinois University

Jacqueline Kerr, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Kim Brian Lovejoy, Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis 

William Macauley, University of Nevada-Reno 

Gina M. Merys,  Saint Louis University

Ollie O. Oviedo, Eastern New Mexico University

Janice R. Walker, Georgia Southern University  

Katherine V. Wills, Indiana University-Purdue University-Columbus 


                                                                                                (Photo: The RNF celebrated 25 years in 2012)