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FAQs for DLs

Who is appropriate to serve as a discussion leader?


       Someone who:

· Is a new or senior researcher in the field and possesses a terminal degree (PhD, MFA, or JD).

· Conducts research in any of a variety of topic areas in the discipline.

· Enjoys talking with others about research methodologies and topics.

· Is available to participate during morning and/or afternoon sessions of the RNF.

What are the discussion leader’s responsibilities? 

      Along with one or two other discussion leaders:

· Initiate dialogue among a group of 6-8 work-in-progress presenters (WiPPs).

· Provide feedback and suggestions as well as monitor dialogue among participants.

· Orchestrate discussion so as to provide an opportunity for all WiPPs to discuss their work.

· When you submit your registration, you will be asked to provide a list of your scholarly areas so that you will not be asked to lead a discussion on a topic far outside of your areas of expertise.


What restrictions and/or benefits are there in participating as a discussion leader for RNF?

· Discussion leaders and WiPPs may have another speaking role at CCCC; RNF participation does not count as a speaking role.

· RNF participants are listed in the separate RNF program but not in the CCCC program (unless, of course, they have another role as presenter, session chair, or other).

· RNF participants must register for the CCCC’s conference but do not pay an extra workshop fee (as do participants in other pre- and post-conference workshops).


How do you become a discussion leader?


· Simply fill out the registration form and submit it.


    Do you have additional questions?  Contact the Discussion Leader Coordinator, Tony Atkins (, or send a message to the RNF Co-Chairs, Risa Gorelick and Gina Merys (