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Participant Roles at RNF

Work-in-Progress Presenters
(WiPPs) present their work in two separate sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Presentations are informal and are made at small tables, grouped by thematic clusters, of 4-6 participants who include 4 other WiPPs, and 2-3 Discussion Leaders. WiPPs generally have 8-10 minutes to present research and then another 8-10 minutes to receive feedback from table members.
  • Do not plan to read a paper; you should instead plan to present your work in progress in a clear, cohesive fashion.
  • Prepare three questions that you would like to ask the other researchers at your table in advancement of your work; type, copy, and distribute these. 15 copies should be enough to cover both sessions.
  • Plan to attend both sessions unless you notify us otherwise in advance.
  • Discussion Leaders (1-3) are present at each table. Discussion Leaders are advanced researchers in their areas; participation as a DL is limited to those who have obtained terminal degrees in their areas and/or have extensive experience and expertise. DLs may also participate as Work-in-Progress Presenters if they wish by submitting their abstracts. Plan to attend both sessions unless you notify us otherwise in advance.

    Editors are invited to participate in our Editors Roundtable, which occurs after lunch and before the afternoon WiPP session, during which you can speak to individuals about potential contributions to your journal or other publication. Further, you are invited to bring promotional materials and announcements / calls to distribute or place on our promotions table. Editors are invited to also participate as Work-in-Progress Presenters or Discussion Leaders as their experience and desires allow; simply submit the appropriate forms.