Natalya Martynova, PhD

Visiting Researcher
University of Amsterdam
Finance Group

I am currently a visiting researcher in the Finance group at the University of Amsterdam. I work in the field of financial economics with the special interest in banking. 

My research involves primarily theory, but also includes empirical analysis. I study banks' risk-taking incentives under various regulatory initiatives, such as an introduction of contingent convertible bonds under Basel III, Vickers proposal to ringfence traditional banking business, quantitative easing programme. 

My job market paper explains why so many profitable banks got exposed to risky financial instruments in the run up to the recent crisis, the move that contradicts traditional theories of the link between bank profitability and risk-taking.

This year, I will be on the job market and available for interviews at the ASSA Meeting on January 6-8 2017 in Chicago.

I got my PhD from the University of Amsterdam in 2014 (supervisor: Enrico Perotti), and received the MPhil in Finance from Tinbergen Institute, Amsterdam. 

I worked as a consultant of the Corporate Finance department in PriceWaterhouseCoopers Russia and as an  analyst of the Risk Management Department in the big Russian bank Uralsib.