Impact Factor                     SJIF  2018      4.66

LRL – 90                                                                                                                                              ISSN: 2522-3895  (Online)

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Volume:    7                                             

Year:   2018

Number:  02


Rao Jaleel Ahmed,

 A Critical Examination of Medium of Instruction Strategy – with special Focus on Cognitive Development of Second Language Learners 

Adiqa Kiani, Gulzar Khan, Zuabria Andleeb,

The Role of Spatial Integration in Improving Food Price Stability in Pakistan

Nazir Ullah, Wasif Ali Waseer, Muhammad Ali, Muhammad Adeel Irsh  

Assessing The Bullying and Confidence Nexus Among Students Evidence From Pakistan 

Amna Sami and Irem Batool

Intellectual Capital Efficiency and Sustained Competitive Position of KSE 100 Index Companies in Pakistan

Abdul Waheed and Farah Naz 

Impact of Social Media on Academic Performance of Students; A Case Study of Sargodha University (2016-2017) 

Muhammad Iqbal, Munir Ahmad, Muhammad Azeem Khan, Ghulam Samad and Muhammad Aslam Gill

Review of Environmental Policy and Institutions

Younas Khan, Mussawar Shah, Muhammad Israr, Fakhr Ud Din, Sohail Abdul Hai, and Atta Ullah

Does Religion Matter in Women Politics A People Perspective