1) SRTMU's Research Journal of Science (including ‘Technology & Engineering’, ‘Computational Sciences’ and ‘Pharmacy’) (ISSN: 2277 - 8594 Print) Journal has been selected by Library of Congress (Outstanding Asian Research Journal) in academics. We don't charge any processing or publishing fees however articles are  peer reviewed. Journal follows COPE guidelines. All the published articles are available free of cost to readers. They can download the acrobat pdf files of articles from journal web site.

Release of fourth issue of SRTMU's Research Journal of Science by Honourable Vice Chancellor Prof Pandit Vidvasagar on 15th August 2014.

2) SRT'MUs Research Journal of Social Sciences (including ‘Commerce’, ‘Management’, ‘Humanities’, ‘Education’, ‘Media’, etc.)(Coming soon....)

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SRTMU's Research Journal of Science
Chandrahasya N. Khobragade
Professor & Director
School of Life Sciences
Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University
Nanded Maharashtra India.
E-mail: editorsrtmun@gmail.com
Ph.: +91-2462-259573

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