"Internet Researcher"

What was Google Answers?
"Google's search engine is a great way to find information online. But sometimes even experienced users need help finding exactly the answer they want to a question. Google Answers was an experimental product for users to get help from Researchers with expertise in online searching. Users could post a question to Google Answers and specify how much they were willing to pay for an answer. A Researcher then searched for the information they wanted and posted it to Google Answers. Users were only charged for questions only if and when an answer was posted to it. Other users may have also added comments to provide interesting perspectives to the data but were not paid for their posts. These questions and answers are now publicly viewable on the Google Answers website so other users can share the benefit of the research."


Who Were Google Answers Researchers?
"Google Answers Researchers are experts at locating hard-to-find information on the web, and through offline resources as well. Researchers were required to go through an application process that tested their research skills and the quality of their answers. Google Answers Researchers were screened and approved independent contractors who were paid for posting "answers" to the site."


Are Researchers experts in their field?
"All Google Researchers were tested to ensure that they are expert searchers with excellent communication skills. Some of them also have expertise in various fields. Questions may have been answered by an expert in a particular field or by an expert searcher."


How did Google make sure Researchers provide high quality answers?
"Google Answers had a stringent process for screening Researchers before they were allowed to participate. Each applicant had to write an essay explaining why he or she wanted to take part in the program and successfully answer a number of test questions. People who asked the questions were encouraged to rate Researcher responses to ensure they continued to provide useful information. If an individual's rating fell below an acceptable level, he or she was no longer allowed to participate as a Researcher."