Freelance Internet Researcher

Former Google Answers Researcher

I was a researcher at Google Answers from June 2002 until the service ended in December 2006.  My username was bobbie7-ga  and I answered over 3,560 questions.   Review samples of my work here.

I have experience in the following categories:

Health market
Market research
Advertising and marketing

I am currently doing research at Uclue, a Q&A service similar to Google Answers as well as doing freelance research projects for private clients. I also participate in Google Knol and Quezi

Testimonials from Customers on Googles Answers

Facts / Statistics about Computer Security and Loss of Data
Bobbie7, an absolutely PERFECT response -- thank you so much for your great work!  This is invaluable!!

Perfect! The WISQARS link was particularly useful, it allowed me to
narrow down the statistics based on my own risk. Now it's time to
figure out how to prevent each of these... 
Thank you bobbie7! - S
Baby Boomers Getting Older
This is a fantastic answer and I thank you very much, it is extremely helpful.
I am amazed at the research you did, 
thank you!-Bunker
Healthcare in Wisconsin
"The rep for Google did an excellent job"- Patients
How many surgeries of ALL kinds (on humans) performed each year in the USA?
"This researcher has never let me down.  Excellent."
 - Mikeginnyc

Need information on family run businesses
"Great work, very thorough!  Thanks!!!"   -Vistagejosh

New Safety Syringe Legislation in Europe
"Bobbie7 to the rescue AGAIN - with up to  the minute information faster than lightening! Thank you!!" - Crystal4290

How are TV/radio stations reaching out to "media makers"?
"As always, great in-depth research."  -Rservice

Number of Broadband Users in USA and World Wide by Country
"Great! Just what I needed. Thanks for the quick work."- Jallen62

World Vegetable Oils Market Size
"Great job"   - Blucken

Interactive touch screens with printer
"Just what I was looking for! Thanks again."   - Brudenell

Parking Lot Industry
"Wonderful!"  - Santabarbara

Capsule hotel manufacturers
"Great work, Bobbie7.  Thank you for your valuable work!"   - Claude166

US Hospitals
"Thank you once again for finding exactly the information I was looking for, and so quickly!" - Jess05

Ratio of IT personnel to users for a corporate office
"Thank you - great selection of references, spot on what I needed!"   - Malcolm4

Advertising Spend and Commerce Spend - Pets
"Exactly what I needed!"   - Erincap

Yoga Magazines - Professional
You're the best!"    - Overnightcopy

Provide Worldwide Data on Adoption
"Wonderful research!!!!"  - Health777

Comparing Pricing for Prescription Drugs
"Excellent work.  Thank you very much."    - Regino

Financial Analyses of Medicare Drug Plan Companies
"Great!  Very helpful.  Thanks."- Healthresultsgroup
In-store floor graphics
"Great job!"- Blucken

Compliance Factors for Diets
"Great job with this "  - Broker

Health Care Provider Web Usage, References and Data
"Great job. ·Gave a good amount of references and resources"- Question_will

Statistics on Termite Infestations in Tennessee
"Thanks so much!"- Tjahjono

List of Truck Manufacturers
A fine job, quick and accurate. -Studentdave2006

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