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My Resources

Business research?

EDGAR Full-Text Search is  a great resource. Search the full text of EDGAR filings from the last 4 years.

Hoover's online offers company information. Search by company, industry or executive. Find out annual sales, net income, key people and top competitors for public companies.  

Patent and Trademark  research at the USPTO

Copyright  information

 Looking for a quotation in a specific book?

Project Gutenberg: free books in the public domain.

Bartleby offers a searchable database of over 87,000 entries. 

Did you ever wonder how many people are online?

Internet World Stats provides internet usage statistics for 233 countries and world regions.

Other Stuff

Melissa Data - distance between ZIPS and much more!!  


I am mentioned as a Google Answers Researcher in the book Google: The Missing Manual by Rael Dornfest (Editor), Sarah Milstein (Publisher) on page 121.

Google Blogoscoped features some of my answers.    


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