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As software development is a process of both information creation and information gathering, software developers are constantly engaged in activities that search for the pertinent information to solve their problems at hand. The information needs of software developers range from those related to code (writing, changing, fixing, communicating code) to process (design) and people (colleagues). SUITE is a workshop series that seek to understand and find solutions to address various information needs of software developers.


Two primary observations encouraged us to start this workshop series:
  1. Results from existing research show that developers spend the majority of their time in searching for code. Furthermore, developers have to struggle with myriad of information needs in their daily tasks that range from those related to program code, design process and people (col- leagues).
  2. Recently, there has been considerable effort from both academia and industry in building specialized search tools for software developers, in particular large-scale code search engines.
Motivated by these observations, we set the general theme of the SUITE 2012 workshop at ICSE in Z├╝rich to be: Code search and beyond: developing pragmatic search solutions for more effective software development.

Past Workshops

SUITE has emerged to become a successful series of workshops. The first edition was held at ICSE 2009 in Vancouver (Canada), the second edition at ICSE 2010 in Cape Town (South Africa), and the most recent third edition took place in Honululu (Hawaii). Here are the links to these previous editions of the workshop:

SUITE 2011 @ ICSE 2011 in Honululu
SUITE 2010 @ ICSE 2010 in Cape Town
SUITE 2009 @ ICSE 2009 in Vancouver

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